Delmar, Baxter and Montana

Delmar, Baxter and Montana
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Delmar our chocolate lab just turned 6. We had rescued him from the Lab rescue when he was only 5 weeks old. He is truly a horse of a different color. He will only swim if I'm in the pool with him and at that point it's only to get on his raft. He hates to get his face wet. Delmar doesn't play with a tennis ball. He will only take it to tease the little guys. Nickname's "Deli" and "Deligator". Baxter is 3 and a cousin of Dakota's. Baxter always has a lot to say. He is happiest when he is carrying anything and in the pool. Each night after dinner he stacks all 5 of the dog bowls and brings them to me. We never taught him this it's something he did. Nickname's "Baby B" and "B". Then there's Montana, the baby of the group. He will be 3 in Feb and a cousin of Riley's. He is a touchy feely dog and loves to snuggle. He is ready to play ball 24/7 and when he's finished he'll jump the pool wall for a quick dip. Nickname's "Monty Carlo" and "Montana Banana".
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